Kenisha “Tip Drill” Myree is a living success story.

The Long Island, New York native, who was raised by a single mother, moved to Florida when she was ten years old and quickly adapted to her surroundings. Having always been in touch with her creative side- through writing, drawing or dancing- “Tip Drill” ventured into the world of dancing at 17. While her underage dancing career didn’t last long, once the owners of her club found out how young she was, the outgoing, playful dancer had already made a name for herself. Still, while “Tip Drill” waited to turn 18 (when she could legally dance) she found herself pregnant.  After her son, Sincere, was born the dancer returned and never looked back.

While most dancers settle on their sex-appeal alone, “Tip Drill” had her personality and looks that attracted fans from all over the world. Known for her dramatic pole routines, “Tip Drill” quickly rose to be one of the most influential and talked about dancers in the entire nation. Her years of hard work and dedication had landed her plenty of accolades, money, respect and fanfare.

By the time February 2012 rolled around, “Tip Drill” was building her brand and flourishing in the love from her fans. Then her accident happened. After falling 30 feet from a pole, and sustaining multiple injuries, “Tip Drill” decided to retire.  While traumatic, the single-mother looks at the accident as a blessing in disguise, because it forced her to start building long-term goals outside of dancing.

“Tip Drill”, who remains the goofy, outgoing person she has always been, has new goals. Aside from writing, she is also working on her debut mix-tape and has built up a legion of followers begging for more from the up-and-coming rapper/author. With a braggadocios sound mixed with a feminine sass, “Tip Drill’s” sound has already intrigued industry veterans. While many used to pay attention to her dancing skills, people are paying attention to her words, as she proves that she is talented beyond the pole.

As her brand and business in writing and music grows, “Tip Drill” continues to satisfy all of her new and old fans. Having been seen in videos from industry favorites like Plies, French Montana, J. Cole and Nicki Minaj and heard on the same records as Trina , Gunplay, Brisco, Ace Hood and Sam Sneak, one could say that “Tip Drill” has her fans by the eyes and the ears.

While “Tip Drill” maneuvers through the ever-growing world of building her brand and learning the industries that she’s dabbling in, she maintains that she will always create her own lane. So whether she’s thrilling people with her looks or by her stories, “Tip Drill” is certain of one thing: she will mesmerize.